FLdigi is by far one of the best sounding cw sending programs I have ever used.  The timing is perfect, the tone is incredible, and you can adjust weight, dot/dash/ and even the cw note “raised cosine” rise/fall time to suit your particular CW copy preferences.  It is very easy to get FLdigi to send a text file for CW practice. You can also adjust the CW parameters while the file is being sent so you can “dial in” to your heart’s content the “perfect” settings in order to enable optimum copy comprehension…

There is a now a windows version.   Here is a screen shot of FLdigi on windows XP:

FLdigi has excellent QSK function with an audio triggering signal :

FLdigi can use MCW mode to send morse code;  enabling any rig to have the capability to transmit raised cosine edge waveforms.  Raised cosine edges keep the “key clicks” and bandwidth to the absolute minimum in addition to having one of the best sounding cw audio tones  for “audiophile like” copy.  You may also use FLdigi in the conventional mode to send cw by using the audio out from the sound card to key an external interface converting the audio into a “KEYING SIGNAL” to transmit cw from your rig using its cw key jack. 


For more information on how to set up FLdigi to key your transmitter for CW see:



For a video of how to use FLdigi to send  CW text files see:



For more general information on using FLdigi see:



For more information on QRQcw see:




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